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*Eva Alarm is part of a service, and these features are only available with an active subscription.


After you have set up your Eva hub and added your devices 

Once the hub is set up and the device is added, the Alarm card will appear at the top of the Eva app.

Here you will see four different modes.

All arming modes can be customized according to your preference.

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Home - Alarm disarmed.

Day - Perimeter security, here you can choose which devices will trigger the alarm. By default, the motion sensors are disarmed, and the door/window sensors are active. You can customize this according to your preference.

Night - Perimeter security, here you can choose which devices will trigger the alarm. By default, the motion sensors are disarmed, and the door/window sensors are active. You can, for example, activate some motion sensors in zones that shouldn't be in use in nighttime.

Away - Full security, all devices are active.

You can see who has armed/disarmed the home in the event log as well as a notifications.
More information on this can be found in a separate article.

Recommended placement of alarm devices

Placement is important to enhance home security and achieve optimal coverage of the devices. Start with powered devices like sirens and smart plugs.
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It can be challenging to know how to secure the house in an optimal way. We recommend securing all ground-level doors and windows with motion sensors, as well as using door/window sensors on the main entrance and windows/doors above ground level. For example, if you have a living room on the ground floor with many windows, it may be wise to have a motion sensor.


What types of products can I use?

We support a range of security products. Examples of these include sirens, door/window sensors, motion sensors, keypads, and fire and leak detectors. We recommend Frient/Develco products.

We support notifications for water, fire, and intrusion. You can secure your entire home with a single app. You can expand the system according to your preferences, and if you just want to get started, we recommend the Eva hub, a door/window sensor, and perhaps a motion sensor. 

How does the Eva Alarm work?

You receive instant notifications in the app when an alarm is triggered. You can also set up friend notifications in the app. When an alarm is triggered, we send an SMS to selected contacts about what is happening. Your neighbor may be quicker to respond than a security guard.

You can choose which contacts should be notified, what should be included in the SMS, and which alarms should trigger notifications. 


Using moods and automations with Eva Alarm

There are many possibilities to make your home smart by combining the alarm with moods and automations.

For example, you can set up an automation that says, "If the alarm is activated, turn off all lights and lower the temperature to the desired level."

Another example that we see our customers using is the combination of smart plugs connected to cameras. If the alarm is triggered, turn on the smart plug connected to the surveillance cameras.

Read more about moods and automations here

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