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Eva Alarm provides a administration tool with an overview of settings you can adjust.
You are free to make changes that are tailored to your usage and home.

Here, you will have an overview of:

  • Safety products - Choose your safety products 
  • Triggered alarms - Overview of current alarm 
  • Arming - Day, Night, and Away - customize different arming modes 
  • Require PIN code - Choose pin codes to arm and desarming alarm
  • Friend alerts - Set up notifications and text messages to your contact list 
  • Users and access - Who as access to the alarm and app? 
  • Notifications - customize the notifications 
  • Entrance area - Witch device is inn the entryway?
  • Countdown time - Set a countdown timer when arming the home 

Eva_alarm_settings_1.jpg   Eva_alarm_settings.jpg   

How to find the Alarm card:

Option 1:

  1. Tap on "Smart Alarm" - You will now have an overview of the Smart Alarm card.

Option 2:

  1. Tap on "Administration"
  2. Tap on "Smart Alarm" - You will now have an overview of the Alarm card.

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