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Eva friend alerts

Friend alerts is an SMS service that alerts up to five contact persons when an incident occurs. The service ensures that in addition to yourself, others are contacted if the burglar alarm, smoke detector, or water sensor is triggered. You can decide the type of notification your contact persons should receive and whether you want a delay before sending the SMS. This means that you can avoid sending SMS if you reset the alarm within a specified time that you have set. 

Note! The service is included in Eva Alarm, and you don't pay anything extra per SMS.


How to set up contact persons:

Note: You can set up to five contact persons. Start by going to the alarm card. If you don't know how, click here.

  1. Tap "Friend Notification" 
  2. "Contact Persons" 
  3. Tap the "+"
  4. Fill in the information.

Choose which alarms should notify your contact list:

Note: The settings for different alarms apply to the entire contact list.

  1.  Tap "Friend Alerts" 
  2. Toggle the alarms you want to notify the contact list.

Time before message is sent: 

Note: The settings apply to the entire contact list.

  1. Tap "Friend Notification" 
  2. Tap "Time before message is sent"
  3. Select the number of minutes.

Preview SMS before sending it to the contact list:

  1. Tap "Friend alerts"
  2. Tap "Preview Messages"
  3. Scroll down to see all messages.

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