Frient Motion Sensor

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  1. Insert the batteries into the sensor
  2. Open the app and tap on "+ " and then "Add Device."
  3. Select "Frient Motion Sensor."
  4. Follow the steps in the Eva smart home app.

Factory Reset

  1. Open the lid of the sensor

  2. Hold down the button on the inside (see illustration)

  3. The device will first flash red once, then twice and then several flashes

  4. When you release the button, the LED will show one long flash and the reset is complete


The Frient Motion Sensor detects motion in a room and allows you to activate lights or other automations upon motion. Set up automations using the Eva Hub and Eva Smart Home App.


The rear part of the device also serves as the wall bracket. Detach it from the main part. The rear part can be mounted using the included screws or double-sided tape, depending on the surface. As an alternative to screwing the rear part of the device to the wall, you can remove the magnet from the included corner bracket and screw it directly onto the wall.

For corner mounting, use the included corner bracket.

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