Frient Smart Plug Mini

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  1. Plug the smart plug into the socket to power it on.
  2. Open the Eva Smart Home app and tap the "+" icon, then select "Add Device."
  3. Choose "Frient Smart Plug Mini" from the list.
  4. Follow the steps in the Eva Smart Plug Mini.

Factory Reset

  1. To reset the smart plug, it must be connected to the socket.
  2. Press and hold the button until the LED light continuously blinks red.
  3. When you release the button, the LED light will stay on for 2-5 seconds. Do not turn off or disconnect the plug during this period.
  4. After this, the smart plug will be reset.

What do the lights mean?

  • When the LED light blinks red (or orange/yellow), the plug is searching for a network. When it stops blinking, the plug is connected.
  • When the LED light is green, the plug is on.
  • When there is no light in the LED, the plug is off.


  • Allows you to control your devices.
  • Remote on/off switch.
  • Monitors your power consumption.

Use Case

Plug it into an electrical outlet and connect it to your electrical appliance to monitor power consumption and control the appliance remotely even when you're not at home.

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