Yale Doorman V2N - Zigbee module

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Before you can begin the connection process, please verify the following points...

  1. The door lock is physically installed in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions for the door lock.
  2. You have a ZigBee module that is compatible with your Hub. The module's packaging should be marked with which hub/app it is compatible with.
  3. The door lock has not been previously used with another module. If it has, scroll down and read about resetting the lock and module.
  4. The lock has a master PIN code (set and confirmed with the P button located on the back of the door lock the first time the lock is powered up after installation). If you do not remember the master PIN code, refer to the reset instructions found when adding the door lock in the Eva Smart Home app.


Setting up a new module

  1. Remove the cover in front of the batteries. 
  2. Insert the Zigbee module.
  3. Put the Zigbee module into pairing mode by removing and reinserting one battery into the door lock five times. The module will blink rapidly to indicate that it is in pairing mode.
  4. Open the Eva Smart Home app and tap the "+" on the home screen. Select "Add Device" and choose "Yale Doorman Door Lock" from the list that appears.
  5. Wait while the door lock pairs with the Eva Hub and follow the instructions in the Eva Smart Home app.

How to reset the lock and module

If the lock has been previously used with another module, the door must be reset first. If the door lock has been used in the Eva Smart Home app, remember to delete it from the app before resetting your door.

Is the module inside the door lock? Remove it and leave the door open during the reset.


Resetting the door lock:

  1. Open the door; it must be open to be reset.
  2. Remove the batteries from the lock.
  3. Take off the plastic cover of the door lock.
  4. Unscrew the top two and the bottom two screws to detach the cover (see illustration). yale_installasjon.png
  5. Detach the internal part from the backplate and change the position of the Easy/Advanced switch as illustrated. In this case, the position of Easy/Advanced is irrelevant, as the lock will switch modes automatically when the module is installed.
  6. Yale_Doorman_Easy.png
  7. Insert all the batteries into the lock.
  8. When a voice message prompts you for a master PIN code, enter it on the keypad, followed by pressing the physical "P" button on the inside of the lock. You can now use the lock with the master PIN code as long as you like.
  9. Screw the lock back together.


Integrating the Eva module after resetting


After the lock is reset, and a new master code is set, you can insert the module. If the module doesn't enter pairing mode, try removing and reinserting one battery five times. The module should blink, and you can continue the process in the Eva Smart Home app.

Emergency opening/low battery opening from the outside:

If the batteries run out, you can open the door with a 9V backup battery. Hold the battery against the terminals on the exterior panel. Then, use the code to unlock the door in the usual manner (see illustration). 



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