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Frient Smart Intelligent Smoke Alarm is the home's most important emergency device, which alerts you and your family in the event of fire or smoke.



  1. Gently twist the cover behind the smoke detector to open the back.
  2. Pull out the plastic tab located under the battery.
  3. The smoke detector will blink red as it searches for the Eva Hub.
  4. Go into the app and press "+", then select "add device."
  5. Choose the device type "Frient Smart Intelligent Smoke Alarm."
  6. Follow the steps further in the Eva smart home app.


Factory reset 

  1. Press and hold the button on your smoke detector (see illustration below).
  2. When you press the button, the LED light will first blink once, then twice in a row, and after that multiple times.
  3. Release the button, and the LED light will emit a long light. This indicates that you have reset your smoke detector.


My smoke detector goes offline, what should I do?

There can be various reasons why the smoke detector goes offline. Here are some possible solutions:


  1. The smoke detector may need a battery replacement. After doing so, perform a test by pressing the alarm button to check if it produces any sound.

Bad Zigbee range from the Smoke Detector to the Hub:

  1. If the smoke detector goes offline, this may be due to range. You can either place the smoke detector closer to the hub or use a powered device, such as a Smart plug. Powered devices act as signal boosters and can help strengthen Zigbee signals.
  2. If you have multiple smoke detectors, you can also perform a test by swapping the position of the smoke detector that is going offline with one that is stable. This can help determine if the issue is related to range or not.

  3. Rotating the smoke detector can improve signal strength. Place the QR code located on the bottom of the smoke detector in the direction of the hub or a powered device (e.g., smart plug). This is because the battery may partially shield the signals to your hub. The smoke detector can be rotated 180 degrees without the need to remove the cover it is attached to.

Recommendation for the Number of Smoke Detectors and Placement


It is recommended to have smoke detectors in every living space and in every bedroom. The advantage of using optical smoke detectors is that they are interconnected, so everyone in the household will be alerted even if the smoke detectors are placed in different rooms and floors.


Mount the smoke detector at the highest point on the ceiling. It is also advisable to install smoke detectors near staircases if you have multiple floors, as the sound carries more easily between the floors.


The smoke detector is recommended to be placed 50 cm from the wall and a minimum of 30 cm from the ceiling (max 50 cm) from ceiling height (see illustration above).


How to test your smoke detector? 

Testing the Smoke Detector Locally:

You can test if the smoke detector is functioning locally by pressing the button in the middle of the smoke detector. The siren in the smoke detector will then start to sound. The smoke detector will only trigger a local alarm, meaning only the specific smoke detector in question will sound the alarm. You will not receive an alert through the app, and it will not trigger the interconnection with other smoke detectors if you have multiple.

Testing the Smoke Detector System:
If you want to test the entire system, you can using a "smoke detector test spray," which is similar to a spray bottle. You can purchase "smoke detector test spray" at stores like Biltema and Elektroimportøren.

Follow the user manual for instructions on how to use the "smoke detector test spray" before using it. When you test the system, the specific smoke detector being tested will activate its siren. The smoke detector will send a command to the other smoke detectors (if you have more than one) to trigger their alarms. Additionally, you will also receive an alarm notification on your mobile phone through the Eva Smart Home app


What is an optical smoke detector?

Optical smoke detectors are smoke detectors that respond to, among other things, smoke, grease, oil, and open flames. A beam of light is emitted into the room, and if the beam is disrupted, the alarm will go off. These smoke detectors are also wireless and interconnected.

This means that if one smoke detector is triggered due to fire or smoke, the other smoke detectors will also be triggered even if they are located in different rooms and floors of your home. The advantage of optical smoke detectors is their effectiveness in detecting smoldering fires, which are fires without flames and are the most common type of fire in Norwegian homes.

Ionization smoke detectors are older smoke detectors that respond to open flames and are not interconnected with the other smoke detectors you have placed around your home.

What should I do if the alarm goes off?

All smoke detectors will trigger an alarm in the event of smoke development. If you want to silence the siren, press and hold the button on the top of the smoke detector that triggered the alarm for two seconds. If you are unsure which smoke detector triggered the alarm, this information will be displayed in the app. The triggered smoke detector will also flash red.

The smoke detectors are interconnected, so the other smoke detectors located in different rooms in your home will continue to sound the alarm until the alarm is reset in the app. This is for safety reasons and to ensure that other household members can be alerted and hear the siren in the event of a fire or smoke development.

Why use an optical smoke detector?

The Frient Smart Smoke Detector is a wireless optical and battery-powered smoke detector. When you are at home, the smoke detector will alert you to smoke development with its built-in siren. When you are away, you will be quickly notified via the Eva Smart Home app if the smoke detector detects smoke or fire or if you need to replace the battery. This gives you full control both inside and outside your home.

Which smoke detectors does Eva Smart Home support?

We support Frient Smart Intelligent Smoke Alarm/Develco

Purchase of the product: Frient Smart Intelligent Smoke Alarm



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