Third-party devices that have been tested in Eva

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Eva Hub supports Zigbee-certified products. The Eva app displays many of the most common and generic functions of these products. However, there may be some functions that the Eva app does not display due to the complexity of the function or if they are not Zigbee-certified, even if they use Zigbee technology.

To connect third-party products in Eva:

  1. Tap the "+" sign in the top right corner of the Eva Smart Home app.MicrosoftTeams-image (69).png
  2. Select "Add Device."
  3. Choose "Other Device."
  4. Put the device in pairing mode (check the user manual or instructions from the manufacturer).
  5. Follow the on-screen steps.

Tips: Press "the device does not have a QR code" to speed up the connection.


Reset the device:

There are various ways to reset Zigbee devices. You can learn more about how to do this by searching for the specific device you have at




Aqara Termometer og hydrometer Temperature/humidity sensor
Aqara T1 Innfelt Zigbee -fjernstrømbryter Uten nøytralleder Switch
CTM Lyng mTouch Dimmer Dimmer
CTM Lyng MBD-S Motion sensor 
CTM Lyng Ventildriver Valv driver 
CTM Lyng Fuktføler Temperature/humidity sensor
CTM Lyng Mic Strømstopp  Mic Fire Detector Microphone
CTM Lyng mTouch One Thermostat
CTM Lyng mTouch Bryter Switch
CTM Lyng mKomfy Stove guard
CTM mTouch TavleRelé 25 Relay
CTM Lyng Astrour  Astrour (ON/OFF)
CTM Lyng Ventil driver Valv driver 
Develco smoke detector/Frient   Smoke Detector
Datek Contact Switch
Datek Meter Reader
Eva Meter Reader 
Eva Water Sensor 
Eva Scene Selector 
Eva Motion Sensor
Eva Window/Door Sensor
Eva Eva Apex Smart plug 16A 
Elko Elko Smart Switch 10A RS PH 
Elko Elko SmartDim Puck 200W 
Elko Elko SmartDim vri Uni 2000W RS PH 
Elko Elko SmartRelé Puck 10 AX 
Elko Elko SmartSensor motion sensor 
Elko Elko SmartSensor Door/window sensor
Elko Elko SmartSensor Leak sensor 
Elko Elko SmartSensor temp/humidity sensor
Elko Elko Super TR RF thermostat
Elko 316 GLED RF dimmer
Elko  Smart plug single 16A
ESH 316 Endevender RF End switch RF
Frient/Develco Smart Siren
Frient/Develco Keypad
Frient/Develco Motion Sensor Mini
Frient/Develco Smoke Alarm
Frient/Develco Smart Plug Mini, 10A
Frient/Develco EMI Norwegian HAN
Frient/Develco Smart Cable, 16A
Frient/Develco Smart Relay 16A DIN
Frient/Develco Air Quality Sensor
Frient/Develco Humidity Sensor
HZC  Ledningsdimmer 
ID Lock 150 Requires ID Lock Zigbee modul 
ID Lock 202 Requires ID Lock Zigbee modul 
IKEA Trådfri Driver for wireless control 
IKEA Trådfri Smart light bulbs and lamps that use Zigbee 
IKEA Trådfri Fyrtur, Kadrilj, Tredansen blinds/persiennes
Lightify fra Osram/ledvance  Smart light bulbs
Leedarson Zigbee 3.0 Door/window sensor  Door/window sensor
Leedarson Zigbee 3.0 Motion Sensor  Motion sensor 
Leedarson Zigbee 3.0 Smoke Detector  Smoke detector 
Micromatic MicroDim ZB250 LED twist dimmer
Namron Temperature sensor
Namron  5 Channel LED Control
Namron Smart plug 16A white
Namron Multisensor
Namron 16A Relay
Namron  Dimmer 250W
Namron  Dimmer 2 400W
Namron Zigbee Dimmer 400W
Namron  Zigbee Relay
Namron  Panel heater
Namron  Thermostat
Namron   Awning controller
Namron  4-Channel Switch (Can Be Paired, But Must Be Linked to Devices via Touch. To Use the Switch for Moods, You Can Use Eva Scene Selector and CTM Lyng).
Namron Thermostat plug (Works, shows some strange values) 
Namron LED light bulb 9W
Osram/Ledvance Lightify light bulbs 
Philips Hue  Smart light bulb/lamps/LED-strips
Philips Hue Motion sensor
Philips Hue Ceiling light ("plafond") 
Philips Hue Motion sensor  Motion sensor 
Samsung Smartthings Motion sensor
Samsung Smartthings Door/Window sensor
Samsung Smartthings Water sensor
Sunricher HK-SL-DIM-EU-A  Dimmer
Sunricher HK-SL-DIM-A  Dimmer
Samjin Multipurpose  Door/Window Sensor
Samjin Water Water sensor
Samjin Motion Motion sensor 
Tuya temperatur/fuktighetssensor Humidity sensor 
Tuya/Futurehome Smart Rele 16A Ralay 16 A 
Tuya/Connecte Power Socket  Smart plug 
Tuja/Futurome Smart Rele 16A Relay 
Wattle/ Heiman Temperature & Humidity Sensor Temperature/humidity sensor 
Wattle Heiman Door/window Sensor 
Yale Doorman  Yale Doorman V2, V2N L3 (Requires Yale Doorman module from Eva)
The list is continuously updated  

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